STEM Competition

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

Science Week 2022

This week we are celebrating British Science Week. We are looking forward to some fabulous Science activities this week.
This year's Science Week theme is 'Growth'. It would be lovely if the children made either a poster or a model that celebrates the theme of 'Growth'. We have some prizes for the winners and everyone who takes part will receive a certificate.
Growth links to lots of areas across science, technology, engineering and maths. You could choose to explore plant growth, human growth, life cycles, or even the growth of construction.
It will be lovely to see how creative you can be and show what 'Growth' means to you.
Entries will be judged on Monday 21st March. Please make sure your child's name and class are on the back of the entry. Hand it to your class teacher.
Thank you and get creative!
Mrs O'Reilly