Subject Lead: Miss L Telford


  •  Read Write Inc. phonics trained
  •  Helen Youngman Education Outstanding Reading: Developing a Rigorous and Sequential Approach
  •  Improving Spelling across the Primary Curriculum
  •  University of Cumbria Online Initial Mentor Training
  •  Supporting Recovery Senior and Middle Leaders
  •  Effective KS1 Cluster Moderation Meetings – How to get the most from Leading/Participating in the Moderation of Teacher Assessment Judgements



At St Bees Village Primary School, we recognise the crucial importance of the study of English. We follow the National Curriculum to ensure that children reach age-related expectations or better by the time they leave our school. Teachers are aware of pupil capabilities and learning is personalised to ensure that progression takes place. Through our teaching of English, we want the children to gain skills which they can transfer into other areas of the curriculum as we understand the significance that the teaching of English can have upon other areas of the curriculum.

‘All the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of society; pupils, therefore, who do not learn to speak, read and write fluently and confidently are effectively disenfranchised.’

(National Curriculum, 2013)


Our overarching aim for English at St Bees Village School is to promote high levels of English across reading, writing and spoken language, equipping pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written word.


By the time our children leave St Bees Village School, we aim for them to:

  • understand and value the importance of English;
  • be confident and competent readers;
  • be ambitious with their writing and language choices;
  • develop a habit of reading for pleasure;
  • speak clearly and confidently, having the ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas;
  • use standard English in both the written and oral form.








Spoken Language 


What our pupils say about English


"I like English because the books that we read that our work is based on are quite interesting. I liked writing diary entries for the Highway Man." - Year 5 Pupil 


"I enjoyed when were reading the book The Day the Crayons Quit, writing as a crayon and as Duncan. I couldn’t believe it when our classroom had been destroyed!" - Year 2 Pupil


"I like writing, it is my favourite. I liked the poems that we wrote using poetic phrases that were in touch with the character." - Year 5 Pupil 


"We had a dragon fruit in our classroom which turned into a dragon. We had to create missing dragon posters because the dragons were lost in Fargonia and we had to create exciting descriptions." - Year 2 Pupil


"I love reading books! I especially like it when we get extra reading for enjoyment time." - Year 1 Pupil


" I love English so much. It’s my favourite subject and it is just awesome because I love writing and spelling." - Year 5 Pupil