On this page you will find photographs of activities we've been doing in class! 


24th May 2023

  • We’ve had a wonderful day at Branthwaite working with Mia (Cumbria Rivers Trust). Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their day outdoors extending their learning in Geography and Science.
  • We started the morning working in smaller groups, reflecting on prior learning and using a camera to investigate the outdoors such as: taking a photo of birds, flowers, reflections, livestock, invertebrates, plants/trees. We also used an app to research into the the correct scientific names for different flowers, plants, trees and species. We also had fun with the camera taking funny photos and selfies!
  • In the afternoon, we created out own maps of the local area; reconstruction of Rivers using natural resources in the woodland and River dipping. Children discovered an abundance of wildlife e.g.: water beetles, stone loach fish, black fly larvae, fresh water shrimp, cased Caddis Fly larvae, mayfly nymph, swimming mayfly nymph, damselfly. In addition to this we found exoskeletons which led to a discussion about metamorphosis. An action packed day!

We have enjoyed a visit from Imran - a Muslim gentleman, who talked to the children about the five pillars of Islam, Ramadan and vocabulary/Arabic associated with Islam. The children and I were enthralled and asked lots of interesting questions. 

In Science, we carried out an investigation into 'How and why our shadows change during the day'. We discussed fair testing methods and collected our results/observations. The children then investigated the scientific explanation for this.