Main Street, St. Bees, Cumbria CA27 0AA

01946 822392

St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp


Meet our staff

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Mrs Emma Sharp 

Headteacher  -

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Health and Safety Coordinator, Art and DT subject lead, P4C lead. 


Mrs Diane Cockbain

Secretary -


 Mrs Laura Storey

Deputy Headteacher, PPA teacher -

SENCo, Designated Senior Mental Health Lead, Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Early Years lead, R.E. subject lead, PSHE lead.


Mrs Karen James

Business manager -

Teaching staff

Mrs Clair Spedding

Pre - School Teacher -  

Deputy Safeguarding Lead 





Miss Lauren Telford

Year 2 class teacher -

 English subject lead, RWI lead



Mrs Emily Leslie

Year 5 class teacher -

Maths subject lead

Miss Louisa McCarron

Reception teacher -

 Geography subject lead, Outdoor learning lead, Music lead and School council lead.


Mr Gavin Lloyd

Year 3 class teacher -

 PE subject lead



Mrs Sheila Hansen

Year 6 class teacher -  

Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead,  History subject lead

Mr Brian Dawson 

PE curriculum advisor


Mrs Karen Winn

Year 1 class teacher -

Computing subject lead.



Mrs Claire O'Reilly

Year 4 class

teacher -

 Science & MFL subject lead


Mrs Steph Robertson

Afterschool Club Manager & HLTA (ICT teacher) - 

 Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead, Kidsafe lead

Classroom support staff

 Mrs Audrey Agnew - STA

 Mrs Hayley Monaghan - TA


 Miss Emily McClenan - TA

 Mrs Jane Green - Pre-school

 Mrs Sue Harrison - STA and Afterschool Club Deputy Manager

 Mrs Linda Telfer - Pre-school


 Mrs Cheryl Snowdon - TA and Midday Supervisor

Mrs Kerry Reid - Pre-school

Miss Amy Slater - Pre-school and Afterschool club

 Miss Abigail Wright - TA



Mrs Louise Kendall - TA and Midday Supervisor

Non-classroom staff

Mrs Sue Barnett

Afterschool club staff 

Mrs Suzanne Kirkham - Midday Supervisor and Crossing Patrol

Mr Chris Spedding - Caretaker


 Miss Beth Telfer - Cleaner

Mrs Karen Wallace -

Midday supervisor

 Mrs Elaine Steele - Midday supervisor