Bright Stars 2023.

Description of Social Enterprise Scheme 2023: Santa Paws.

The Bright Stars campaign in our school has been an incredible opportunity for the Year 6 students to develop their entrepreneurial skills while making a positive impact on the community. Through this initiative, the children have successfully raised £937 for Cumbria Animal Concern by organising a School Movie Day and a Christmas Fayre. The students took on various business roles, planned the events, and worked collaboratively with our business partners, St Bees School, to gain financial knowledge and understand profit and loss accounts.

The children's dedication not only raised funds but also increased awareness of Animal Concern's work. They crafted beautiful wreathes, bird feeders, hand-made soaps and mini Christmas trees, and also organised engaging games, baked goods, and coffee for sale. The entire proceeds from these activities were contributed to the charity, ultimately making their local community a better place.

This hands-on experience has not only equipped the children with essential business skills but has also instilled a sense of social responsibility, empathy, and teamwork. The Bright Stars campaign has indeed been a shining example of how our students can positively impact the world around them.

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