Welcome to EYFS-

Children's Reception Year at School! 

Key Adults

Mrs Clair Spedding EYFS Teacher

Mrs Lynda Telfer- Deputy 

Mrs Jane Green Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Kerry Reid Early Years Practitioner

Miss Amy Slater Early Years Practitioner

Miss Emily McLennan HLTA, ELSA 

Key information:

  • We provide a healthy snack of fruit and veg each morning through free flow snack provision. Milk and water are offered every day and milk is free until they are 5.
  • Please label ALL of your children's clothes (including coats, shoes etc). We cannot return items to their rightful owner without a label in them!
  • PE Kits should be brought in and kept in school- this allows us to be flexible for planned and unplanned sessions both indoors and out.
  • We experience the outdoors a considerable amount of time, the children will partake in lots of activities at Forest School. at the Vegetable Plot, in the school grounds as well as in the local community. We provide a range of waterproofs and wellies- Reception age children can bring warm clothing (a jumper, joggers/ leggings) and their own wellies which are stored in lockers in school. 
  •  Home Learning will be sent out via Evidence Me, directly from class or via email. 
  • We follow the Read, Write, Inc scheme to teach phonics, reading and writing. Information will be provided throughout the year. You can also access guidance at  https://home.oxfordowl.co.uk/reading/reading-schemes-oxford-levels/read-write-inc-phonics-guide/
  • Effective Maths is used to teach key Mathematical concepts.  Information will be provided throughout the year.
  • We listen to children read in class each week and will send a reading book home every week- please make sure reading folders are sent into school every day. It is vital that you listen to your child read their reading book and send it back into school to be changed regularly. Please record comments in their reading records! We are encouraging "Strive for 5" encouraging children to read at least 5 times per week! Children should also share their own story books, library books with you at home too to gain a love of literacy and knowledge of a wealth of stories to develop their creativity, imagination  use in their own writing at school. To begin with your child will bring home their reading books matched to their current ability to recognize sounds, segment and blend sounds as well as their comprehension skills. To begin with some books my be wordless to help children make the first steps to become confident and successful readers. 


 If there is something that you would like to talk to me about you can email me via cspedding@stbeesvillage.cumbria.sch.uk. or on drop off and collection times!  I'm always happy to help where I can! 


Let's work together to create outstanding, enjoyable and memorable learning experiences for your child!