At St Bees Village School, we believe every child should have the chance to become confident, fluent readers. We use Read Write Inc. Phonics to teach daily synthetic phonics.

In Nursery, children are exposed to hearing and identifying sounds by listening to sounds within their environment through sound walks and everyday conversations. A love of reading is promoted in Nursery where children begin to learn typical conventions for reading, such as how to open a book, moving from left to right and discussing print and how it has meaning. Children in Nursery are assessed in the Summer Term and begin to learn Set 1 sounds through daily speed sound sessions.

The knowledge of sounds and print is then built upon in Reception where children begin formal teaching of Read Write Inc. daily discrete phonic sessions. Formal teaching of phonics continues into Years 1 and 2, building upon previous knowledge. Children are placed into differentiated groups based upon their current phonic level. Each phonics lesson allows the children the opportunity to revisit previous sounds and words, be taught new sounds and words and apply these to their current reading. Children are also given the opportunity to practise what they have been taught through the use of Read Write Inc. home reading book bag books, which match what they have been currently taught within their group. Children also have the opportunity to take home a shared reading book, which they are not expected to read independently, to be exposed to a range of stories and genres.