Main Street, St. Bees, Cumbria CA27 0AA

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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Spring Spellings

Below is a list of the spellings your child should learn this Spring Term. They will be on the Weekly Homework page as well.

Week 1:

Prefixes about numbers one and two

monopoly, monologue, monosyllable, monorail, monocle, unicycle, unicorn, union, duplicate, duo, duet, biceps, bifocal, biplane, bicentenary, biped.


Week 2:

Prefixes about numbers three and four

Triplets, tricycle, triangle, triangular, trident, trio, triceps, triple, triplicate, quartet, quadruped, quarter, quadruple, quadrant, quadrilateral, quadruplet.


Week 3:

Prefixes about numbers five to nine

quintet, quintuplet, pentagon, pentathlon, sextuplet, sextet, hexagon, heptagon, septuagenarian, octogenarian, octagon, octet, octopus, octave, nonagon, nonagenarian.

Week 4: Words beginning with con

Spellings: consent, continent, continental, condition, conclusion, connection, contempt,consultation, consonant, constabulary, construct, considerable, consequence, consolation, consistent, consider.

Week 5

Trans or aer words

transport, transfer, transplant, transaction, transatlantic, transcript, translucent, transparent, transmit, aerodrome, aerate, aerial, aerobatics, aerodynamic, aeroplane, aeronautical 

Week 6

Words with audi or ph

Spellings: audible, audience, audition, audiovisual, auditory, auditorium, photogenic, photographic, photocopier, telephoto, photophobia, arachnophobia, claustrophobia, xenophobia, hydrophobia, agoraphobia.

Week 7

Words beginning sub

subject, submarine, subway, submerge, submit, subterfuge, subtle, subtract, subvert, subdued, subconscious, submersible, subcontinent, subcontractor, subheading, subtropical. 

Week 8

Prefixes micro and super

microscopic, microphone, microfilm, microbe, micro-organism, superb, supernatural, supersonic, supermarket, superlative, superimpose, superhuman, superficial, superfluous, superior, supercharger

Week 9

Using the prefix 'pre'

prefix, preamble, preamplifier, precarious,preview,precedent, prehistoric, prevent, previous,premonition, preparation,

Week 10

Unstressed letters

Secretary, February, jewellery, definite, mathematics, similar, desperate, frightening, stationary, stationery, reference, widening, dictionary, category, deafening, literature