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Year 6 Learning at Home Page.

Learning at Home Page.

Welcome to the Year 6 Learning at Home Page! If there is any reason at all that you are unable to come to class then there will be work on here that will reflect what we are doing in class. You can also access all the normal websites listed below to keep your brains in tip-top working order! If you want to email me any questions or for any reason at all you can on: or on Classdojo.

Just do as much as you can - we are all under an immense amount of pressure at the moment. Keep reading and plenty of fresh air!

There are also the usual weekly tasks on the Homework page which appear on Fridays. You can access all of the learning and activities on Education City and I would encourage you to keep visiting Read Theory to keep your comprehension skills up to speed. I have put more tests for you to have a go at on the site (all links to the sites are at the bottom of this page). Other than that: plenty of fresh air, help whoever you live with around the house and garden (great time to learn how to iron or weed) and develop your cooking skills.

The booklet below is two weeks of English work. It is not the book we are covering in class but will cover the same skills we are in Year 6. Keep scrolling down the page for a variety of other tasks.

Below there are links to Maths videos. Watch and then try the worksheets. This week we are revising angles.

Monday: Measuring with a protractor.

Tuesday: Introduce angles.

Wednesday: Angles on a straight line.

Thursday: Angles around a point

Friday: Claculate angles.

The worksheets below are for you to become confident with the method above. The answers are also included - no cheating! (Match the sheet to the video - they are not in the same order!)

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Answers (As above - check the file names match).

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Science: Animals including humans. In class we have been looking at the importance of diet and exercise: Read the information and try to complete the sheet.

Art: Why not try some drawing - a Christmas dog tutorial with Rob: can't wait to see your pictures!

Reading: I hope you are all reading something! It doesn't matter what sort of text it is but read! Just to make sure - try the following comprehension.

French: Follow the link to revise how to talk about yourself in French and then take the quiz at the bottom. This will add beautifully to your learning if you are on Duo Lingo.  Have a go at:

P.E. If the weather is appalling and you need to exercise in the house try the following link: Great fun! (Isn't the internet a marvellous thing)

Art: Back to Rob this week. Have a go at a landscape picture: Enjoy!

Practice your times tables daily at:

French: Follow the link to practice your French. Choose an activity, do the introduction and activity and then play a game. Write down some of the phrases so you will remember them. Don't forget you can also have great fun on Duolingo; a free app for your device which lets you learn lots of different languages. Download to your phone or tablet or follow the link:

Year 6 can now contact me and also receive further tasks at:  

All of your parents have been sent an email telling them how you can access the site. There are also some good activities on the websites below.

These are a list of our usual homework sites. You can access any of the Education City resources at all times.


Maths: Multiplication practice:



Reading comprehension  This will help you to develop your reading comprehension and is set to individual students - see if you can go up a level every few weeks! (Please keep this up - it's really helping to improve your skills!)

SPaG: Another site for you to access - this time for SPaG practice. Log in and have a go!

If you would like a more interactive teaching experience then try the links below to keep your brain active! (Courtesy of SkintDad on FB) These are from the last lockdown but can still be accessed.

9.00am - PE with Joe Wicks
11.00am - English with David Walliams
12.00pm - Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)…/category/get-kids-cooking/
1.00pm - Music with Myleene Klass
4.00pm - Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)

If you fancy a sing-a-long try Gareth Malone's Great British Home Chorus on You Tube at:

You can also visit famous attractions from the comfort of your own home by taking a virtual tour of them. Why not try some out and then post any interesting ones of the Class Dojo page so everyone can have a look. You could start with some of the ones below: visit an aquarium. animals in the zoo. Visit the Louvre in Paris. Explore British History Remember Picasso's Weeping woman we looked at in class? 

There will be many more - explore! Remember that Google street maps are also a fabulous way to see the world while we are stuck in our houses. Visit a new city, country, football ground... the world is a fabulous place!

Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan may like to visit: which has been developed by J K Rowling for those of us stuck at home. Even if you only learn to draw a Niffler it's worth a look!

Don't forget the drawing tutorials we have done in class on You Tube: there's lots to keep you busy and develop your drawing skills.