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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Summer Term 2022 Newsletter


I cant quite believe it is the summer term!!! We have lots of exciting things planned. We are taking part in 'The Big Plant' in May and of course we have our residential 18th - 20th May which we are all very much looking forward to. I will keep you up to date with other exciting events via class dojo


Please see below our curriculum coverage for the new Summer term. PE this term will be on a Thursday afternoon. Homework will be set  on a Friday to be completed by the following Friday. Please see our Year 4 homework page for further details and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me via email or via class dojo. 


Mrs O'Reilly 

Year 4 Class Teacher



This Half Term we will be reading Varjak Paw - by SF Said

Learning will include:

  • Newspaper reports/ Journalistic writing
  • plan writing by discussing and recording ideas.
  • draft and re write by organising paragraphs around a theme.
  • write for different purposes
  • assess effectiveness of own writing and suggest improvements
  • proof read for spelling and punctuation errors
  • discuss words and phrases that captures readers interest and imagination
  • ask questions to improve understanding of the text
  • draw inferences and justify with evidence
  • articulate and justify answers
  • use spoken language to develop understanding through imagination and exploring ideas in discussion, role play and drama.



Learning will include;

  • writing fractions as decimals to 3 decimal places
  • Multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100

Angles/Compass Points

  • Reading and drawing angles
  • Directions N,S,E,W
  • Degrees of turns

Perpendicular and Parallel lines

  • Intersecting angles
  • distance/ horizontal/Vertical

Solving word problems - using the 4 operations to solve word problems.



This term we are examining Living things and their habitats

Learning will include:

  • Classifying organisms
  • Identifying animals with/ without vertebrae
  • local habitats
  • the food chain


Ancient Egypt

Learning will include:

  • Daily life
  • Gods/godess'
  • Chronology
  • Empires
  • The after life
  • Writing


French All around town

  • where do you live?
  • Counting in 10's
  • counting up to 100
  • my address
  • how to say . . . 


PE - will continue to be taught by Mr Dawson

ICT - will continue to be taught by Mrs Robertson

Music, Geography, History - will continue to be taught by Miss McCarron