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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Home Learning Week 4

It will be the 'Big Bird Watch' this weekend from 29th - 31st January, therefore this week's activities will largely relate to this.  It will be a more practical based, outdoor approach to learning this week to give you all a bit of a change! Sign up for your free pack at  Have a look and choose some activities that suit you!

I have created a folder of activities related to the topic of 'Birds' on my Twinkl account.  If you choose to do the Magpie activities, listen to 'The Messy Magpie' story first, then read the letter from 'Malcolm the Magpie' before doing the counting PowerPoint activity.  The other activities can be done in any order.  Follow this to access them:  

Access this lesson using pin code: KA2614
at Twinkl Go

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English - Talk for Writing:  This week the task is to tell the Gruffalo story and draw a story map.  Mrs Spedding will be sending you a video via Evidence Me to support the task.  Have fun!


 Count different types of birds that you see.  Record using the following link:

For an extension - choose two of the species of birds, add them together and write the number story.  Ask questions e.g. how many sparrows would there be if there was one more?  How many more blue tits are there than robins?  etc

I have added some new counting and ordering number games on Educationcity.


You could try looking at birds in your garden or look at the pictures of the birds on the following link and create your own picture of a bird using pencils, crayons, paint, pastels or sticking feathers etc!


Me and my Alfie made ours using oil pastels!