Platinum Jubilee 

we had a fantastic day celebrating the upcoming Platinum Jubilee. In the morning we learnt about Queen Elizabeth II, and looked at some portraits of her. We then drew a portrait of what we might look like in 70 years. After this we heard the story of ‘The Queen’s Knickers’ and designed some royal underwear. After our picnic lunch, we spent some time inside learning more about the jubilee before heading onto the field for ice cream, a playtime and some games with year 2. As usual, some photographs were taken by our budding year 1 (and year 2) photographers.

Science ’Signs of spring’

in our science we have been learning about the seasons and weather. We took our iPads outside to find signs of spring and photograph them. We then used out photos in keynote to create presentations about different signs of spring.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day in year 1 celebrating World Book Day. In the morning we took part in workshops with 2 authors, and in the afternoon we talked about our favourite books and characters before we chose different book related jobs. Some people made bookmarks, some finished their stories from yesterday, some wrote their own stories, some entered the book token competition and some read for enjoyment (in or out of our reading tents).

Most of the photographs were taken by the children themselves. 

Pancake day

Year 1 enjoyed making pancakes on 1st March 2022, and choosing what toppings to go on. We learnt about why pancake day is celebrated and what the Christian celebration of lent is about.

Children in Need 

For children in Need this year, we did some Pudsey maths and worked in groups to make Pudsey and Blush ginger biscuits.

Autumn walk

We took our iPads outside to find signs of Autumn and add them to our presentations. 

Curious Investigators

Year 1 and Year 2 took part in a ‘Curious Investigators’ workshop via Zoom. We looked at different materials and designed a devise to deliver an egg safely back to the nest. Here are some photos of us with our prototypes.

In Maths we have been making addition stories using some toys.  We recorded our stories using part-whole models and number sentences.  Here are a few of our addition stories.