In our RE with have been learning about, "Who is Jesus?"  Jesus taught Christians a prayer called 'The Lord's Prayer', we wrote our own prayers based on this.  Here is our group prayer:

Dear God,

Please help me to be good and kind. Please help me not to be evil or naughty or tempted.


Our science topic has been all about plants.  We went on a wild flower hunt to see what we could find in the school grounds.  We found lots of daisies, and plenty of dandelions, but no buttercups yet.

Science week

We had a very busy science week.  Our experiments included:

learning about the different areas of the brain and making our own brain hats;

making an egg delivering device to be dropped from the Easter Bunny's aeroplane;

finding out about the journey of a sneeze and discovering we should all use a tissue to help stop germs from spreading;

finding out about static electricity using a balloon and some tissue paper lizards for Matilda's floating feet; and

testing different papers to make the best paper aeroplane!

A few of the photographs are above, many of these were taken by the children themselves!

Christmas play

RE Baptism

India day

For our RE curriculum day, we were focusing on India and the Hindu religion.  In the morning Year 1 learnt some Indian dances in the hall with Miss Robinson and Mrs Agnew.   After playtime we used templates to make designs with Miss Telford and Miss Blundell

In the afternoon we learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita.  We made diva lamps out of clay and sequins.  

Everybody decorated puppets, which we then cut out and took turns to use to retell the story to our audience. 

(Please note, these photographs were taken by the children themselves!)

In our maths we have been looking at number bonds.  We tried to find as many ways as possible of arranging 7 beads on a string using only 2 colours.

Summer Term 2018