Taking beans home.

Planting beans

As part of our science topic on plants, each child has planted their own bean.  They had a choice of 3 different types of bean to plant, they then filled their pot with soil, added their bean and watered it.  We are going to keep a diary of what happens to our beans over the half term.

To begin our maths topic on picture graphs, we had a go at making our own picture graphs using some toys.  First of all we had to decide how we were going to sort them, most of us started by organising them into different colours, we also looked at different sizes and different animals.  Then we talked about what we could see from our charts.

On Wednesday 3rd March we put the potatoes which we had been chitting into their soil. 

First we put some soil into the containers.

Then we put the potatoes in.  

Next we covered the potatoes with more soil.

Finally we watered our potatoes.

Now we need to keep an eye on them, keep watering them and wait for them to grow!

Our topic in geography has been our local area.  To begin with we looked at some photographs to find out what geography is about, we worked in small groups to sort the photographs into those with people and those with places.  We decided geography is about people, places and how they are linked.

We had a great time using Google Earth to 'fly into St Bees' on the large whiteboard, then used the Ipads to have a go at flying around the area ourselves.

On a map of St Bees we used different colours to identify the land uses, using Google Earth to help us see what was there.

In maths we enjoyed playing a game to warm us up.  Each pair had a cup and some cubes, we took it in turns to hide some cubes under the cup while our partner wasn't looking, our partner then had to work out how many cubes we had hidden.  Some of us wrote our part-whole models for our calculations.

Next we each chose some toys, then worked in pairs to write number stories for our toys.