In summer 2020, Year 1 were invited to take part in a project which should have culminated in going to a performance at Rosehill theatre where we would get to watch a performance which incorporated some songs which we had learnt.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID pandemic, this performance was cancelled.  This year, we were fortunate enough to be able to continue to be part of the project and have been watching some videos of these performances each week.  Please click on the links below to access the songs and a copy of the lyrics to them.

Michael's Magical Menagerie songs

 5 little frogs sitting on a well- 22_01_2020, 10.30.m4aDownload
 Animals that go baa and moo! - 06_02_2020, 09.26.m4aDownload
 Did you know that we are animals too_ 22_01_2020, 10.41.m4aDownload
 Do you wish you had wings_ - 08_02_2020, 10.53.m4aDownload
 Go to sleep my little boy - 09_01_2020, 16.45.m4aDownload
 Grow Seeds Grow - 22_01_2020, 10.50.m4aDownload
 I wished I could have a pet- 08_02_2020, 11.26.m4aDownload
 Michaels Magical Menagerie - 09_01_2020, 16.30.m4aDownload
 Mini Sing 2020 Song Lyrics.pdfDownload
 Off to bed - 08_02_2020, 11.46.m4aDownload
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