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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Homework - Summer

The most important thing for your child is to keep reading their reading books, using their phonics knowledge to decode words and discussing the story with you and to practise counting and comparing objects in practical situations.  These additional activities should take no more than 10 to 20 minutes and should be something fun to do with your child.  If your child is too tired or finding it too challenging, please leave it for another time.  You will probably find that, particularly at the beginning of each term, your child will be quite tired after a busy day at school.

The majority of our homework is web-based, using games to reinforce learning done in class.  For the EducationCity homeworks, I have set a group of activities to try with your child.  This should give you the ability to repeat an activity if you think your child would benefit from it the next week, or to move on to a different activity if that is more appropriate.  Spelling Shed will reinforce the spelling patterns we have done in class that week (these are usually done on a Tuesday with the homework set for Wednesday).  Any homework set on MyMaths will be to reinforce concepts covered in that week, or the previous week.  Numbots is a great app to help children develop their number awareness and to increase speed and accuracy.  It does work best if done for a few minutes several times a week.

Our "Words of the Day" activites are to introduce the children to a wider vocabulary and are NOT spellings, they are words to talk about and to try to use in sentences.

Each week a homework sheet will be posted on ClassDojo for you to see, if there is an accompanying paper activity, this will be sent home on paper.

If your child has lost any of their login details, please contact me by email or through the school office.  

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