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Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Summer Term Homework

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Core skills practice:  Want to be sure you are totally SATs ready? Visit these links and work through the activities.



English: (sorry didn't realise you had to pay for these after so many questions!)

Parent SATs advice:

Interactive games to practice core skills.  these are good fun!

Key skills: it says KS3 but these now apply to Year 6 in the new curriculum



Literacy support

This is the Summer Term Weekly Homework page. Below you will find links to activities that cover things we have studied in class in a particular week. By completing the homework you will refresh your memory, consolidate learning and show you have understood new concepts.

Week beginning 29/05 17 and for the following three weeks...

Please learn your lines for the Summer production - we aim to start rehearsals after the Half Term holiday so get ready!

Learn the songs - especially if you have a solo part.

Persuade your Mum to let you bring two t-shirts to school for printing. (Can be bought from Primark for £1.50 - other stores are available:) 

Start saving for pocket money for York (offering to do jobs around the house might earn some cash!)

Week beginning 8/05/17: NO HOMEWORK! You deserve a rest - get some fresh air!

Week beginning: 31/04/17

Spellingsequator, sequin, earthquake, conquer, acquire, request, mosque, square, sequence, requisite, consequence, frequently, disqualify, squalid, squadron, squeal

SPaG: We have practiced our SPaG this week but every little helps... log on to keep everything fresh in your memory.

Maths: I have set lots of these this week but just choose the topics you think you need to practice.

Education city: Revise quick mental Maths by 'going live' and playing against each other.

Week beginning: 24/04/17

Spellings: Keep revising the New Curriculum Spellings; we will be practicing spelling families during our Guided Reading sessions in class. This week 'qu' words:

quest, question, quiver, quibble, quarry, queue, quantity, quarrel, quagmire, quality, cheque, oblique, physique, antique, grotesque, picturesque

SPaG: Click on the link to practice spelling, punctuation and grammar. Those of you that have been doing these activities at home are definitely improving your skills.

Maths:  Revise your arithmetic skills with a test! You will need a pencil and paper for these.

Education city: Revise algebraic equations. 

Writing: Write a 100 word story which includes all of the 'qu' spellings above in the correct context.