Writing Competition    

Autumn Term 2018 (1st Half)



Spy Fox


All is peaceful on the Southern ocean as the penguins relax on their icebergs.  That is until Dr Hammer and his sardines decide to test their weapons of mass destruction. 

Once the weapon is unleashed there is only one 'person' to save the world from disaster and that is Fox, Spy Fox.  He embarks on a mission to save the world but ends up fighting for the life of the lovely Lily.   When he has freed Lily, they save the world from the evil Dr Hammer and his evil, fishy minions. ‚Äč


  •  Write the next adventure of Spy Fox using a different wild animal as the villain.


  • Create a newspaper report for the events outlined in the film. 


To watch the film again click here: https://www.literacyshed.com/spyfox.html