Main Street, St. Bees, Cumbria CA27 0AA

01946 822392

St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp


Meet our staff

Mrs Emma Sharp 

Headteacher  -

Designated Safeguarding Lead, Health and Safety Deputy Coordinator, English subject lead, School council lead.

Mrs Karen Winn

Senior leader, Year 5 teacher -

KS2 Lead, maths and computing subject lead

Mrs Diane Cockbain

Secretary -

Mrs Laura Storey

Deputy Headteacher, Year 2 teacher -

Early Years, KS1 Lead, P.E. subject lead, Health and Safety Coordinator



Mrs Karen James

Business manager -

Miss Amelia McCabe

Administrator (apprentice) -

Teaching staff

Mrs Claire O'Reilly

Reception class teacher -

 Science & MFL subject lead

Miss Rachael Armstrong

Year 4 class teacher -

Mrs Rachel Irving

PPA cover -

Geography, art and design subject lead

Photo to appear soon!

Mrs Emily Leslie

Year 1 class teacher -

Photo to appear soon!

Miss Laura Swinburne

Year 1 class teacher -

Mrs Sheila Hansen

Year 6 class teacher -

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENCo, History and PHSE subject lead

Mrs Clair Spedding

Preschool Manager - 

Mrs Sarah George

Year 3 class teacher -

Music subject lead

Mrs Maggs Walton

PPA cover -

More able lead

Miss Steph Millburn

Afterschool Club Manager & HLTA -

 Kidsafe lead

Classroom support staff

Mrs Audrey Agnew - STA

Miss Sue Hamilton - STA and Afterschool Club Deputy Manager

Mrs Hayley Monaghan - Apprentice TA and midday supervisor

Mrs Anne Blaney - HLTA

Mrs Hannah Hill - STA

Mrs Kerry Reid - Pre-school and Afterschool club

Mrs Louise Cruden - STA

Miss Paula Hughes - TA

Miss Amy Slater - Pre-school and Afterschool club

Non-classroom staff

Mrs Sue Barnett

Midday supervisor and Afterschool club staff

Mrs Joan Killip

Midday supervisor and Afterschool club staff

Mrs Gillian Miller

Afterschool club staff

Mrs Susan Kirkham

Midday supervisor