Our school is made up of seven classes, one for each year group from Reception [4-5 year olds] to Year 6 [10-11 year olds].
You can use the drop down menu above, or click on the links below, to access the pages for each class. In these you will find photographs and information about each class and what they are doing this term. Also included on their web pages are extra information about homework and trips etc.

For pupils you might find links to pages that will help you in school or with your homework. Please note that some pages may only be available in school through our network.



We are very lucky having the village library book drop service right on our doorstep.  This is currently being run by our library champions from Year 5.  Please come and visit on term time Thursdays from 1:30.

St Bees Pre-School


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Year 1



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Year 6

Year 6




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