St. Bees Village Primary School

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22nd December 14

Merry Christmas!              Merry Christmas!              Merry Christmas!

Here are some dates you may find useful:

Monday 5th January - Spring term begins

Friday 13th February 3:15 - break up for half term

Monday 23rd February - return to school

Friday 27th March 1:30 - break up for Easter

Friday 10th April - Summer term begins

Friday 22nd May 3:15 - break up for half term

Monday 1st June - return to school

Friday 17th July 1:30 - break up for Summer holidays

REMEMBER - if you would like to look at a copy of the latest letter sent home, they are posted on the website.  Click on the office link on the left, then select 'Newsletters'.





St Bees Village School takes e-safety very seriously.  This applies to the whole school community including parents, staff and children.  Please contact us if you would like copy of our full policy.