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Life Cycles

After each lesson I will add more links to help you with what we have covered.

Lesson 1 - Flowering plants

Here is the activity to dissect a flower and label it:

Once you have dissected it, you can have a go at the quiz.

A site about botanical art:

General site about plants:

Studyjam - plants:

Lesson 2 - Flowering plants (cont.)

This week we were looking at pollination and fertilisation, here is a BBC bitesize clip to remind you:

Have a look at some of these videos to remind you of some methods of seed dispersal:

Unfortunately my favourite animation is no longer available on the internet, but I am keeping looking to see if someone else has a good animation, so keep checking back!

Lesson 4 - Birds

Click on this link to see the structure of an egg:

To see how a chick develops, click here: