Behaviour Management


Whole School Behaviour Policy

Governors' Statement of Behaviour Principles

Anti-Bullying Policy


Good discipline is extremely important if a school is to function successfully. We are proud of the caring relationship, which exists, between our pupils, our parents and our members of staff. Our children respond to this because they know that their teachers are caring and enthusiastic and are prepared to listen and show an interest in them.

The general discipline of the school is based on a positive rather than a negative approach. Children earn rewards that recognise good work, good behaviour or good manners. Children can earn stickers and other rewards [as promoted by individual teachers]. At the end of the week, each class teacher chooses a Star Pupil for our Star Pupil Assembly.

Star Pupils are awarded for excellent work, effort, kindness, honesty, manners or politeness. Each Star Pupil receives a badge to wear the following week and a Star Pupil Award magnet for them to keep and share with their parents.

Good behaviour during lunchtime, including being helpful, kind and well mannered is also encouraged. Infant pupils also receive a Clean Plate sticker when they have finished all their food.

Children are also encouraged to face up to any inappropriate behaviour in a similar way. If a child continues to behave in an inappropriate manner, a meeting will be arranged with the Head, Mrs Sharp, to discuss the different options available to promote appropriate behaviour.

At all times we encourage the development of self-discipline. To do this successfully our children are made aware of the boundaries between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour. Class teachers in the classroom discuss our school rules, as does Mrs Sharp in assemblies. Parents need to note that school and home are two very different places and as such may have different boundaries of what is appropriate and what is not.

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