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Kids Zone


Great new websites for you to look at and have some fun exploring and playing.

Email Mrs Winn if you find any you would like to add to our list below.


Internet safety games

We know it is really important to stay safe on the internet.  Here are some games which you might like to look at which will help you to remember how to stay safe:

Here is a link which your parents might find interesting about helping you to stay safe:


World Book day


Here are some links to some games suggested by the World Book day website, let me know which you think are the best!

Burping Barry

Jacqueline Wilson Trump cards

Chris Ryan: Power Lines

The Boy in the Dress Game

Ratburger Game

How to Train Your Dragon



I Spy Games

Level 1

Click on the picture below and boogie on down!




Click on the picture below to dress Olivia up in different outfits.


Design Your Own Room


This is a cool activity from the Brownie website where you can design your own bedroom!

For other brownie games, try:




This is a great game and much loved by the staff.

Click on this link to Ambleweb and play it online.


Higher or Lower





This can only be accessed from school.


Recylce Zone


Lots of great activities and games at this website for Eco Warriors!



Practise your touch typing skills




Are you a Trakkie?

Do you love trains?

Click here for games and info.




There are loads of games for your to play at this great website about wildlife.



Driving game but with a difference...can you drive over dinosaurs?



Great new game where you have to pit your water ball throwing skills against gravity!


Retro Games


Okay, okay, so you have a few minutes and your teacher says you can go on anything you want to on the computer.  As always I get asked about here are some.  These are games that the teachers used to play when we were your age.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.



Composting for Fun!


Composting for Fun!





Potato games and activities

Great website for games and activities.  Look out Year 1, we are going to be growing vegetables in Spring!






NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Go on to the NASA page and there is lots of information about space, games and activities for you to do.




Build your own Dinosaur!

Can you help grow your own dinosaur?  Play this game and see how big you can get as you wander and attack.

This game is more suitable for Juniors or above.