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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

First Lego League 2019-20

Our First Lego League team have been working together since September to prepare for the regional tournament in Workington on Wednesday 29th January.  This year the theme was ‘City Shaper’ all about the places they live and they had to work on all four areas of the challenge:

  • Robot game
  • Robot design
  • Core Values
  • Project

For the robot game, they had worked in groups of 3 to program the robot to complete different challenges which each scored points, depending on how well it was completed.

The core values part of the competition is about how they work together and help others.  At the tournament, the team were split into two groups and had to try to build a Lego model using only the information from the other half of their team, who were not allowed to use the names of any colours! 

For their project the decided to focus on the problems of rubbish and in particular litter in the sea.  They designed a machine to collect rubbish, compact it and store it to be brought back and recycled.  Below is the flier they designed to give out at the competition to explain their project.  At the tournament they had to present their project to a panel of judges and explain how they had come up with the ideas, what research they had done to help them and how they had helped to raise awareness of the project in the wider community.

This year they worked really well as a team and we were delighted to be awarded a trophy for their project.

Project Flier

Warm up Challenge

To help us pick our final 10 team members, you were set a challenge before the summer holidays.  We will present them to the group on Thursday 3rd October. 



  • Identify a problem with a building or public space in your community.
  • Design a solution
  • Share your solution with others and then refine it.

You can work on your own or in small teams of up to 4 people.  Good luck and get inventive!


Mr Hino's YouTube video:

Mr Hino's YouTube video of the missions: