Weekly spellings


This is a weekly list of the spellings we will be investigating in Year 6. You should learn these as part of your homework.

Autumn 1

Week 1: Homophones

advice, advise, device, devise, licence, license, practice, practise, prophecy, prophesy, aloud, allowed, descent, dissent, desert, dessert.

Week 2: Homophones 2

aisle, isle, affect, effect, altar, alter, ascent, assent, bridle, bridal, cereal, serial, compliment, complement, draft, draught.

Week 3: Homophones 3:

farther, further, father, wear, ware, where, guessed, guest, heard, herd, led, lead, morning, mourning, past, passed.

Week 4: Homophones 4

precede, proceed, principal, principle, profit, prophet, stationary, stationery, steal, steel, wary, weary, who's, whose, weather, whether.

Week 5: Words with hyphens

pick-your-own, upside-down, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, good-hearted, accident-prone, sugar-free, bad-tempered, carbon-neutral, quick-thinking, eleven-year-old, back-to-back, back-to-nature, hard-hearted.

Week 6: Words with and without hyphens

co-ordinate, coordinate, co-ordination, re-enter, co-operate, cooperate, co-own, pre-order, co-owner, re-establish, re-order, re-organise, re-upholster, re-arrange, re-cover, recover.

Autumn 2

Week 1: Words ending in able

dependable, comfortable, understandable, reasonable, enjoyable, reliable, advisable, bearable, unbearable, readable, acceptable, inflatable, forgettable, regrettable, changeable, noticeable.

Week 2: Words ending in ible

forcible, legible, illegible, audible, visible, permissible, accessible, collapsible, responsible, incredible, reversible, invincible, negligible, convertible, flexible, terrible.

Week 3: Words containing ei

deceive, conceive, receive, perceive, ceiling, protein, caffeine, seize, either, neither, conceited, weird, abseil, vein, weir, rein.

Week 4: Words containing silent letters.

doubt, island, lamb, solemn, thistle, knight, autumn, column, foreign, plumber, mortgage, listen, honest
wrestle, guard, guest

Week 5: Prefixes about numbers one and two.

monopoly, duplicate, union, biped, monologue, biplane, monosyllable, duo, unicorn, biceps, monorail,duet
bifocal, monocle, unicycle, bicentenary

Week 6: Prefixes about numbers three and four.

triplets, quartet, tricycle, quadruped, triangle, quarter, triangular, trident, quadruple, trio, quadrant
triceps, triple, quadrilateral, triplicate, quadruplet


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