Main Street, St. Bees, Cumbria CA27 0AA

01946 822392

St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Summer Spellings

Week 1: Qu words

quest, question, quiver, quibble, quarry, queue, quantity, quarrel, quagmire, quality, cheque, oblique, physique, antique, grotesque, picturesque

Week 2: More 'qu' words

equator, sequin, earthquake, conquer, acquire, request, mosque, square, sequence, requisite
consequence, frequently, disqualify, squalid, squadron, squeal

Week 3: Words with 'ui', 'ue', 'ua'

disguise, biscuit,juice, fruit, guidance, guitar, linguist, catalogue, monologue, dialogue, rogue squeak, guard, guarantee, language, equator

Week 4: Words ending in 'al'.

royal, mediaeval, actual, mineral, general, material, eventual, industrial, potential, biological
mammal, original, natural, rehearsal,horizontal, vertical

Week 5: Words ending in 'ary'.

February, secondary, constabulary, estuary, contemporary, primary, boundary, voluntary
library, salary, vocabulary, dictionary, missionary, necessary, anniversary, revolutionary.

Week 6: Words ending in 'or'.

calculator, inspector, instigator, creator, junior, senior,tailor, professor, escalator, horror
operator, solicitor, interior, exterior, commentator, instructor.

Week 7: Words ending in 'ory' and 'ity'.

factory, laboratory, repertory, history, sensory, dormitory, refectory, explanatory, density, publicity, ambiguity, morality, mortality, activity, extremity, continuity.