Summer Newsletter

Dear Parents

Here we are in the Summer Term already!

The following is a brief outline of the area of study your child will be covering this term. As Year 6, this is clearly an important time as they prepare for the SATs and their transition to secondary school in September. We shall endeavor to make this time as productive, interesting and fun as we can!  

SATs week is the second week in May and it is important that your child is present at this time if at all possible. If there is anything that you feel you need more information or help with please e-mail me or call into school.

We have our Summer Production to look forward to as well as the residential trip to Edinburgh in June and Sports Week - an action packed ending to your child's time at St Bees Village Primary!

Maths: These topics will not be taught necessarily in this order but everything will be covered. Weekly homework will be a guide as to what has been covered in class in a particular week.

Negative numbers and problem solving. Addition and subtraction of decimals and money. Multiplication and division. Calculating with fractions. Reflections and translations on coordinate axes. Perimeter, area and volume. Multiplying and dividing decimals. Solving problems with percentages, fractions and decimals. Simple formula. Measurements. Pie Charts and line graphs.

English: Year 6 will be covering spellings, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) alongside and throughout the teaching of a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, drama and reading.

We will also be studying letters, reports, explanations, diaries, poetry and stories.

Science: Evolution and Electricity: Mr Jopling will continue his excellent exploration of all things electric!

History: Year 6 will be investigating the lives of the Mayans.

Geography: We will continue of our study of the UK and its counties alongside a comparison with the local area and the Mayan home.

ICT: Miss Millburn will continue to develop the children's computer skills and consider E-Safety.

In P.E. we will have cricket and football and swimming tuition from experts alongside rounders and athletics.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. Here's to  a wonderful summer.

                                                                                                                            S Hansen

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