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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Go on... have some fun... but if it's sunny... go outside and play!

Fun stuff


Below are some links to websites that can help you with homework or that are just for fun! Enjoy!!    Boy's favourite. A super site which teaches drawing skills step-by-step.  Patrick's favourite!  Munch the monsters!     Animal sorting game.    Use your knowledge of co-ordinates to dig up the bones. Develop skills with fun games.                      suggested by Ian Crichton.               Charlea's choice!      Thomas Needham's choice!  Racing games   Lots of games linked to the Nickelodeon channel cartoons. Knock down buildings for fun!  Motorcycle challenges (boys love this!)   (Another for the boys!)   Simple fun activities.  Great frog fun!     Lots of favourite games (especially for boys)  Educational and fun. A game for girls!      Lots of weird and wonderful things!   Look for the free activities.      Mainly educational activities. from Ben & Patrick                                  Dinosaurs galore!         For budding Einsteins!             A lot of educational and fun activities I use in class.