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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Edinburgh photographs

Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic residential trip to Edinburgh in June this year. We had the most wonderful time, visiting numerous attractions and walking up every hill Edinburgh had to offer! The children represented their school beautifully; behaviour was exemplary and we had lovely comments about their conduct and manners; they were also good fun and great company. Please enjoy a run down and photographs of our adventure below. (There are lots so make a cuppa first!)

Day 1: Set off from St Bees at 7.30 a.m. and after leaving our bags at the Youth Hostel we took the (exhausting) wrong and very long way route to Dynamic Earth.This is an excellent venue which explores the formation of the Earth, Space and the Universe. The children participated in an hour long workshop and then explored the variety of interactive rooms on offer. After a walk back to the YH (the short route) we had tea, explored rooms and then went to the cinema to see the new 'Aladdin' which was wonderful.

Day 2: After a huge breakfast, we set off up the HUGE hill again to visit the National Museum of Scotland which we would highly recommend for a visit. There were lots of great, interactive installations for the children to enjoy, excellent views of the city from the roof and the building itself is beautiful. After a hectic morning enjoying the museum we then set off for The Royal Mile where we detoured to see 'Greyfriar's Bobby' and then enjoyed some street theater before entering The Real Mary Kings Close for a visit below the streets of Edinburgh. (Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures below ground). After returning to the YH for tea we set off up the HUGE hill but then hopped on the bus into town - our legs were giving in at this point! We had the most hilarious 'Ghosts and Gore Tour' from 'Mr Clapperton' who entertained us with tales from the darker side of Edinburgh's past.

Day 3: We got up to a very soggy Edinburgh on Wednesday morning. After another hearty breakfast, we went half way up the HUGE hill to board the bus for the zoo. A big thanks to the Edinburgh bus drivers, they were so kind and patient as 23 of us paid separately. Unfortunately, lots of the animals at the zoo were refusing to venture out in such atrocious weather so we missed some of them. We retired to the YH where the children opted for an evening in. We played cards, charades and chatted - a lovely evening all round.  

Day 4: After a soggy day on Wednesday, the sun was out on Thursday as we set off up the HUGE hill (I'm not sure you are feeling the true steepness and calf pain we endured!). We set off on the longest climb to date - up to Edinburgh Castle. We had a look around and enjoyed the sun and then had a vote on lunch options. The packed lunches were becoming very repetitive and the children asked for a change and, even though this meant a trek down The Mound and then back up, we retired to McDonald's for lunch. (Staff there were fantastic and looked after us beautifully). We then hauled our way back up the hill to Camera Obscura - a fabulous museum which I wish I'd allowed more time for. We then went down the hill again (just call us Jack & Jill) for the hotly anticipated Edinburgh Dungeons. The children were very brave and entered with enthusiasm - we all survived without incident and this was probably their favourite visit of the trip. After returning for tea Year 6 asked for a repeat of the previous night; relaxing with cards and games, sweets and pop and a good crack all round.

Edinburgh Dungeons: some pictures we had taken for us!

Day 5: On our last morning we battled the HUGE hill to go shopping and enjoy a last lunch in the park. The children had a great time shopping in Primark and then selected a feast in the food court to enjoy in the sun. We were tired but happy as we set off for the bus, getting caught in a huge shower which completely drenched us for the ride home. According to my steps counter during the week we walked 34.51 miles in total and did 94,050 steps - most of it up HUGE hills. Well done Super Kids! It was a wonderful trip which I can't wait to repeat sometime in the future. Last few photographs of times at the Youth Hostel.