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Home Learning- Year 3

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On this page, you will find lots of home learning activities for you to do whilst school is closed. In addition to these activities, homework will also be set as usual on the homework page; please try and do some of these activities each day. I would suggest that the White Rose Maths, Talk for Writing, Reading and Spelling should be your priority each day. Additional subjects should take no more than 1 hour of your time per subject each week.

You should have all the passwords you will need to access online activities; if you can't remember any of your passwords, please message me on ClassDojo or email me and I will send them to you!

Weekly Home Learning Information Sheet


White Rose Maths- Money worksheets 

Week beginning Monday 25th January 2021

The links to the teaching videos for these daily lessons can be found below- make sure that you watch the video before starting the worksheet!

Mon 25th-

Tues 26th-

Wed 27th-

Thurs 28th-

Fri 29th- 

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White Rose Maths- Answer sheets (no cheating!)

Week beginning Monday 25th January 2021

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3, 4 and 8Times tables activity booklet

Keep practising- you could maybe try 1 page each day if you have time!

 Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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Times Tables Games Booklet

Some fun games for practising your times tables!

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Talk for Writing- week beginning  Monday 25th January

The Stone Trolls 

The activities in this booklet cover word reading, comprehension, vocabulary and writing. I suggest that you follow this approach:
Monday 25th- Challenge 1, 2 and 3- bottom of page 12 and page 13.

Tuesday 26th- The preposition game- pages 14-15
Wednesday 27th- Innovating ideas- read pages 16,17 and 18 then make some notes for idea 5.
Thursday 28th- Plan your own story- page 19.
Friday 29th- Big writing day! Write your own story- read the advice on page 20 before you begin! You could make a mini book first to write your story in- don’t forget to include a front cover, blurb and some illustrations throughout your story! (On pages 21 and 22 you can follow some instructions which show you how to make your own mini book using only one piece of paper!)

English Comprehension- week beginning Monday 25th January 2021


Answers can be found at the bottom of the sheet- no cheating!

SCIENCE- week beginning Monday 25th January 2021

Mrs Irving has set you some Science work about magnets


 Science Week 3 activities.docxDownload
 science week 3 powerpoint.pptDownload
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 science wk 3 extension task.pdfDownload
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HISTORY- week beginning Monday 25th January 2021

Lesson 3- What was Britain like before the Romans?

Follow the link below to your third History lesson all about Roman Britain! 

If you want to do some of your own research about the Romans, scroll down to the next page where I have given you some ideas about completing your own Roman project! There are also some links to really useful websites!

RE- week beginning Monday 25th January 2021

Mrs Irving has set you some RE work about Sacred places.

Objective: To consider places that are sacred to us.


  • Discuss what you think the word sacred means – write a sentence to explain
  • Use the PowerPoint and think about a place that is special to you. A place you can relax, think and reflect by yourself.
  • Draw a picture of your sacred place and write a sentence to explain where it is and why it is special to you e.g. My bedroom is special because I have my own private space to relax and think, and all of my favourite toys are there too.
 week 3 powerpoint.pptxDownload
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FRENCH- week beginning Monday 25th January 2021

Lesson 1- French greetings

Watch the video and join in if you can! Then, complete the worksheet- this is revision so I hope you have remembered some of it! 

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