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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Home Learning week 3

Here are some suggested activities for the week.  Please remember that they are just suggestions, there is no expectation for you to complete every piece of work!!  I have hopefully included a variety of activities, so that there is something to cater for everyone's needs and you can select which activities suit you, your child and your situation.  Please try to not get stressed about it, I really do understand how difficult it is and the most important thing is to just stay safe and take care of your own and your families' well being!  



Continue with the Ruth Miskin RWI sessions and my RWI sessions.  The attached Ruth Miskin timetable is the latest schedule up until half term.

The RWI videos can be accessed via the link at the top of the page ( 

Talk for Writing -  Continue with the Talk for Writing booklet - 'Mavis the Magical Cat.'

Talk for Writing - Watch the Talk For writing video that I have made, including a suggested follow up activity.

Watch the story of 'The Gruffalo' on BBCiplayer.  What kind of things might the mouse put in a Gruffalo Crumble?!  Have a look at mine and then use your 'Fred Fingers' to write your own list!  


This week we will be learning about addition.  I have made two videos for the children to watch, including suggested follow up activities.

Below are some further practical activities to practice addition.  There are also two games on Education City - 'Five a Day' and 'Ten Pin' which your child might enjoy.

There are a variety of videos about addition on Number Blocks if you type 'Number Blocks addition video's into a Google search.

Further suggested activities for this week if you would prefer to do a more practical, topic based activity, rather than the Maths and English:

Continue with the 'Winter' topic pack:

CBBC (This week's schedule is attached below.)

Do some of Mrs Irving's PE ideas and listen to her read a story::

Make Gruffalo cakes.

Make owl on toast.

Learn the 'Gruffalo' song (Youtube).

Watch The Gruffalo film on BBCiplayer.

Go our for a walk and hunt for Gruffalos!!!! or signs of any Gruffalos/mice/foxes/owls/snakes or where they might live!