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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Home learning Week 2


Reception class home learning – wb 11th January 2021.


English – Read, Write, Inc.

This week there will be a mixture of following the Ruth Miskin sessions with the ‘Ditty’ sheets as last week and Teams sessions.  The schedule will show you which days.


Maths – Counting and recognising numbers.  Finding one more.

Suggested Maths activities this week:

There will be a Teams session where I will teach the children about finding one more.  You then have the choice after the session whether to complete the ‘Space’ themed finding one more sheet, or the suggested practical home activities (or both!).  An extension to the activity would be to extend to numbers to 20 and beyond.  Challenge your child to write these numbers?

For the other suggested Maths session, watch some episodes of ‘Number Blocks’.  Just choose a number which your child struggles to recognise or to form correctly and type that number alongside ‘Number Blocks’ in a google search e.g. ‘Number Blocks number 5’.  After watching some of the episodes, you can play one of the counting games on Education City.  Support activities for children who struggle with a particular number could be to work on the home learning number challenges:

An extension could be to play the Education City game working with numbers to 20,

or home learning activities at:


Further activities for the week:

Further suggestions (should you wish to use them) will be included on the weekly schedule.


Link for the Winter pack is:


Please remember that I do not intend that you will do all of the activities, they are a suggestion.  You know your child best and what they can cope with.


Stay safe everyone.

Bitesize Daily on CBBC, BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button


BBC Bitesize Daily programmes will be broadcast on CBBC, BBC Red Button and BBC iPlayer.


Every weekday morning from 9am, CBBC will show lessons for Primary aged children accompanied by educational programmes including CBBC's Horrible Histories and Operation Ouch.


You can view this week's CBBC schedule for Primary children here; the schedule for BBC Scotland is available here; and Bitesize Daily programmes are also part of Lockdown Learning on the BBC iPlayer.


In the coming weeks we will endeavour to share these schedules with you further in advance to help with your planning.