Forest School photos


We have been going to the Forest School to link with our work in Science about animals and their habitats.  We looked for signs that animals lived in the forest such as feathers, footprints and poo!  We also found some places where we thought some animals might live.  

We linked to our work on 'The Gruffalo' and 'Owl Babies' that we are focusing on in Talk for Writing by acting out the stories, building Gruffalo dens and nests for the owl babies.

We took some Pre-School children with us to show them where Forest School is and to show them the Forest School rules and we were very helpful!

We always finish off with a snack and story around the campfire!

We follow up our visits to Forest School with work in the classroom.  The children wrote some labels to go with their habitat display and some free writing about what they discovered in the forest.