Welcome to the Year 1 page about the summer term.  

Summer term

This term in Maths we will be following the Inspire Maths program and will learn the following:

  • arrange and present data in a table as a picture graph
  • read and interpret the data given in a table
  • add a 2-digit number and a 1-digit number with regrouping
  • add a 2-digit number and another 2-digit number with regrouping
  • use the number bond strategy to add
  • use the ‘making ten’ strategy to add
  • subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number without and with regrouping
  • subtract a 2-digit number from another 2-digit number without and with regrouping
  • use the ‘counting back’ strategy to subtract
  • use the ‘taking away’ strategy to subtract
  • use the number bond strategy to subtract
  • apply the regrouping concept in subtraction
  • add three 1-digit numbers to 40
  • solve 1-step word problems in addition or subtraction
  • mentally add and subtract numbers to 40
  • regrouping concept in subtraction
  • relate repeated addition to the multiplication concept
  • use concrete representations to show the concept of multiplication as repeated addition
  • conceptualise multiplication as groups of items
  • use the term ‘o’clock’ to tell the time to the hour and describe the position of the hour hand and of the minute hand
  • read and show the time to the hour on a clock
  • show the times on the clock for activities
  • use the term ‘half past’ to tell the time to the half hour and recognise that the minute hand is at 6
  • read the time to half past the hour for different activities by looking at the clock shown next to each activity and arrange the events according to the time


In English this term we will continue working on developing the children’s phonics knowledge in preparation for the phonics test in June, and the children will continue to work in their Read Write Inc groups, so they can get more intensive help at an appropriate rate, for more information please see https://ruthmiskin.com/en/find-out-more/parents/. In addition to this, we will be applying the skills they have learnt across the curriculum to develop their writing in Science, History, Geography, RE etc.


Our science topic this term is ‘Plants’ where we will be learning to:

  • plant a bean;
  • find plants in the wild and identify them by a picture;
  • name some garden plants from memory;
  • say the names of parts of trees;
  • describe a bean plant using words from a word bank;
  • say three things that plants need to grow; and
  • label the parts of a plant.

After half term we will look at Scientists and Inventors, as part of this we will be learning about famous scientists and inventors linked to our previous learning in science this year. We will learn about the inventions of Lego and ear muffs, and will explore the materials used to make them. We will investigate other materials which keep us warm by carrying out simple tests.

Our other topics are: 

  • Geography - ‘Why do we love being beside the seaside so much?’
  • History – ‘Local history’
  • Music – ‘Your Imagination’ and ‘Reflect, Rewind and Replay’
  • RE – ‘Special Places’ and ‘Hinduism’