Weekly homework

Each week the homework set will reflect what we have been doing in class. This will give you a chance to practice what you have learnt independently. Please try to learn the spellings set too. Anyone who would like a 'Homework book'may request one at school. Homework should include reading every night. I have also given links to sites which will help you practice core skills to make you SATs ready. I will keep adding to these as we go through the year.


Core skills practice:  Want to be sure you are totally SATs ready? Visit these links and work through the activities.

Maths: https://uk.ixl.com/math/year-6


English: https://uk.ixl.com/ela/year-6 (sorry didn't realise you had to pay for these after so many questions!)

Parent SATs advice: http://www.theschoolrun.com/sats/sats-year-6

Interactive games to practice core skills.


https://claritymaths.uk/games/  these are good fun!

Key skills: it says KS3 but these now apply to Year 6 in the new curriculum




Literacy supporthttp://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/7-11-years/punctuation


If you would like to get some quick practice materials for the children to revise skills at home I would highly recommend the CGP books on Amazon on the following link:


They contain excellent little tasks to keep practicing core skills and are very good value for money.

Past SATs papers can be downloaded from: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/key-stage-2-tests-2016-mathematics-test-materials


Please read every day! 10 - 20 minutes. Talk about your book to someone; what is happening? What may happen next? Do you like the story? Look up difficult words, jot down their meaning and try to use them in your own writing.

Christmas Homework

Try to read something everyday and don't forget to keep developing your comprehension skills at:  www.ReadTheory.org/auth/login

SPaG:  https://www.spag.com  Keep practicing!

Practice your part for the Carol Service and make sure you can read all the words fluently.

Use the task books you were given to keep your basic skills top notch.

Help your family decorate the tree, write a letter to Santa; try to keep off the naughty list! Have a fabulous holiday!

Week beginning 3/12/18

Spellings: monopoly, monologue, monosyllable, monorail, monocle, unicycle, unicorn, union, duplicate, duo, duet, biceps, bifocal, biplane, bicentenary, biped.

Maths Maths:  https://www.mymaths.co.uk/  arithmetic revision

Englishhttps://ec1.educationcity.com/home Spellings

Refresh your reading comprehension skills:  www.ReadTheory.org/auth/login

SPaG:  https://www.spag.com  Keep practicing! Colons and semi-colons. 

English writing task: Want to develop your writing skills? Look at the picture below. If you could speak to this character what would you say? Write a letter to them; ask questions, give advice, tell them what you think.