Fiver Challenge

Year 6 have been very industrious since the SAT tests. They have got into small groups to enter the Fiver Challenge, a national competition to discover future entrepreneurs, encourage working as a team, budgeting, selling and creating a product from scratch.The children have learnt an enormous amount, coming up with a range of ideas, creating business logos, promotional videos and then marketed their products.They were given a start up budget of £5 per person which they had to pay back at the end of the month.

Makes and Bakes

Abigail, Sienna and Megan created 'Friendship' Bracelets alongside delicious homemade cookies and cakes.Their products went down a storm at St Bees Village Fete on their stall; after costs the girls made £43.50 profit each.

Cumbria Entertainments Ltd

Harry, Rowan, Jonas and Finlay decided that an evening filled with goodie bags and popcorn; aimed at KS2 and the KS1 would increase their chances of making a profit. They held an evening where children paid a nominal sum for a goodie bag and were then entertained with a movie; age appropriate and chances to buy popcorn and other treats. The boys made £32.55 profit each.

Comfy Cakes and other things

Harley, Josh, Fin and William were very focused and tried to meet a wide range of likes with their products. They created framed photographs of local flora and fauna, bird boxes and a variety of delicious edible treats. They held a stall at St Bees Priory, asking for donations in exchange for cakes and the like.They then had a stall at the fete which generated a huge amount of interest. The boys made a hefty £60 profit each. (Future entrepreneurs clearly!)

Live Laugh Create

Georgia, Rebecca and Izzy worked hard to paint / decorate beach pebbles to great effect. They worked for a week at home, painting every night until they had a wide range of designs. Their stall at the fete was a huge success and they each gained £42 profit.

Treasure Trail

Lewis, Harrison and Teddy created a fantastic treasure trail. The idea was to collect clues from around the village in order to win a prize. Unfortunately their business never really got off the ground as they didn't market it... all good lessons to learn!