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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp


On this page you will find links you need to help you with your literacy work on the computers.

Please go onto this website:

  Research one of the following:

1. How do hot air balloons work? 2. How do toilet flushes work? 3. How do electric toothbrushes work?
4. How do parachutes work? 5. How do CDs and DVDs work? 6. How do combine harvesters work?
7. How does bullet proof glass work? 8. How do airbags work? 9. How does a fire extinguisher work?
10. How do touch screens work? 11. How do microwaves work? 12. How does sunscreen work?


Physalia Physalis


Research Physalia Physalis'_War.


Write four short paragraphs in your own words, using the following headings:


What it is?

Where is it found?

What does it eat?

Is it dangerous to humans?


Here are some child friendly search engines:

swiggle - 

google for kids -

wiki for kids -

safe images -

Others you could try are:

yahoo kids -

ask for kids -

kids click -                                        

Remember, if you are going to use google, you must open it in internet explorer and report anything you think should not be there.

World Book day


Here are some links to some games suggested by the World Book day website, let me know which you think are the best!

Burping Barry

Jacqueline Wilson Trump cards

Chris Ryan: Power Lines

David Walliams Games

Ratburger Game

How to Train Your Dragon

Humphrey the hamster

Steve Feasey's Mutant City quiz

Switch bug rescue game