Summer Term Spellings (second half term)

Below, you will find a list of the spellings that your child will be learning this half term. Please ensure that your child completes the 'learn, write, check' sheet which they will bring home each Monday. On the reverse of this sheet your child should write 10 sentences, each one containing one of the new spellings; once completed, the sheet should be returned to school for marking. The children will do an activity relating to their spellings during the week as part of their guided reading activities.

Summer Term (second half)

Week 1- Words ending TION

invent, invention, inject, injection, act, action, hesitate, hesitation, complete, completion, describe, description, detect, detection, reflect, reflection.

Week 2- Words ending SSION

express, expression, discuss, discussing, discussed, discussion., confess, confession, permit, permission, admit, admission, possess, possession, process, procession.

Week 3- The sh sound spelt ch, the g sound spelt gue, the k sound spelt que

chef, chalet, machine, brochure, league, tongue, dialogue, analogue, plague, antique, unique, mosque, cheque, grotesque, grotesquely, uniquely.

Week 4- Spellings of the ae sound

vein, weigh, weight, eight, eighty, eighth, eighteen, neigh, neighbour, neighbourhood, neighbourly, high, they, obey, straight, sleigh.

Week 5- Homophones and near homophones

accept, except, affect, effect, ball, bawl, berry, bury, brake, break, fair, fare, grate, great, groan, grown.

Week 6- Homophones and near homophones

here, hear, knot, not, mail, male, main, mane, meat, meet, medal, meddle, missed, mist, where, wear.



Summer Term (first half)

Week 1- Suffixes on words with the sound J

measure, measured, measuring, treasure, treasure, treasuring, please, pleased, pleasing, pleasure, enclose, enclosing, enclosed, enclosure, leisure, leisurely.

Week 2- Apostrophes for contractions

is not, isn't, was not, wasn't, did not, didn't, does not, doesn't, will not, won't, cannot, can't, could not, couldn't, should not, shouldn't.

Week 3- Suffixes

teach, teacher, farm, farmer, drive, driver, mine, miner, babysit, babysitter, run, runner, shop, shopper, spin, spinner.

Week 4- Words with the CH sound

teach, teacher, catch, catcher, rich, richer, stretch, stretcher, creature, furniture, picture, nature, natural, naturally, adventure, adventurous.

Week 5- Suffixes including OUS

poison, poisoning, poisoned, poisonous, danger, dangerous, mountain, mountainous, fame, famous, vary, various, tremendous, enormous, jealous, jealousy.

Week 6- Words ending TION

invent, invention, inject, injection, act, action, hesitate, hesitation, complete, completion, describe, description, detect, detection, reflect, reflection.



Spring Term (second half)

Week 1- Prefixes

mature, immature, mortal, immortal, possible, impossible, patient, impatient, perfect, imperfect, market, supermarket, man, superman, star, superstar.

Week 2- Prefixes

do, redo, new, renew, wind, rewind, turn, return, appear, reappear, decorate, redecorate, divide, subdivide, marine, submarine.

Week 3- Suffixes

inform, informing, informed, information, adore, adoration, sense, sensation, prepare, preparing, prepared, preparation, admire, admired, admiring, admiration.

Week 4- Suffixes

sad, sadly, complete, completely, actual, actually, usual, usually, final, finally, comic, comical, comically, accident, accidental, accidentally.

Week 5- Suffixes

happy, happily, happiness, anger, angrily, tidy, tidily, untidy, gentle, gently, gentleness, simple, simply, simpler, simplest.

Spring Term (first half)

Week 1- Silent letters

Comb, bomb, thumb, crumb, lamb, numb, climb, calf, calves, half, halves, calm, palm, could, should, would.

Week 2-Silent letters

knee, kneel, knife, knives, know, knock, gnat, gnome, grow, write, wrist, wrap, when, where, honest, rhyme.

Week 3- Prefix re

build, rebuild, visit, revisit, play, replay, write, rewrite, cycle, recycle, place, replace, turn, return, fresh, refresh

Week 4- Prefixes

cycle, bicycle, recycle, tricycle, appear, disappear, visible, invisible, normal, abnormal, view, preview, review, interview, marine, submarine.

Week 5- Prefixes

behave, misbehave, sense, nonsense, fiction, non-fiction, stop, non-stop, import, export, interior, exterior, star, co-star, clockwise, anti-clockwise.


Autumn Term (second half)

Week 1- Numbers

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, thirty, forty.

Week 2- Numbers and measures

Ninety, hundred, thousand, million, metre, centimetre, millimetre, kilometre, gram, kilogram, litre, millilitre, second, minute, hour, month.

Week 3- Prefix ‘un’

Happy, unhappy, tidy, untidy, lucky, unlucky, usual, unusual, zip, unzip, tie, untie, fair, unfair, kind, unkind.

Week 4- Adding suffixes

Forget, forgetting, forgotten, begin, beginning, beginner, prefer, preferred, preferring, garden, gardening, gardened, gardener, limit, limited, limitation.

Week 5- Adding prefixes dis and mis

Appoint, disappoint, agree, disagree, obey, disobey, connect, disconnect, appear, disappear, behave, misbehave, lead, mislead, spell, misspell



Autumn Term- (first half)


Week 1 - The u sound spelt ou
young, younger, youngest, touch, touched, touching, double, doubling, doubled, trouble, troubling, troublesome, country, countryside, countries, couple.

Week 2- Adding suffixes to words ending with two consonants
sing, singing, ring, ringing, walk, walking, jump, jumping, paint, painting, dress, dressing, rest, resting.

Week 3- Adding suffixes to words with two vowels before the end consonant
sleep, sleeping, dream, dreaming, feel, feeling, shout, shouting, sail, sailing, boil, boiling, peel, peeling, speak, speaking.

Week 4- Doubling the consonant to add a suffix
run, running, hop, hopping, sit,sitting, skip, skipping, step, stepping, grip, gripping, shut, shutting, win, winning.

Week 5- Removing e to add ing
hope, hoping, come, coming, smile, smiling, take, taking, care, caring, make, making, divide, dividing, stare, staring

Week 6- Consonant digraphs
pan, pancake, week, weekend, goal, goalkeeper, break, breakfast, stairs, upstairs, downstairs, any, anybody, anyone, anything, anywhere.