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Summer Term 2019 Newsletter

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Year 3- Summer Term 2019 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have all had a fabulous Easter holiday and that your children are eager to get back to the classroom! This term in Year 3, the following members of staff will be working with your children:

Mrs George- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (morning only)
Mrs Cruden (TA) - Every morning: Maths (class support) English (small group work) and 1:1 reading.
Miss Millburn (ICT) - Monday afternoon (half the class at a time for a 45 minute lesson.)
Mrs Walton (Maths, English grammar, Science and RE) - Friday all day.
Mr Marshall (PE coach) - Thursday afternoon.

The weekly routine remains almost the same this term in Year 3 with one exception. Swimming sessions have now finished for Year 3 and they will now be having PE at school with Mr Marshall each Thursday afternoon. Hopefully, the sun is going to shine down on us this term so that we can get out on the field at playtimes and for PE; please ensure that your child has sun cream, a hat and a water bottle on these sunny days. It is a good idea to send your child with a bottle of sun cream to keep in their locker throughout the term; please note that staff are not permitted to apply sun cream but will supervise whilst children apply their own.

I am sure that the children will be getting very excited about our residential trip to Windermere beginning on Wednesday 26th June. Along with this newsletter, there is an information letter with all the trip details and a medical/emergency contact form which needs to be returned to school as soon as possible please. The information letter can also be found on the Year 3 webpage- “Go wild in Windermere 2019.”

Homework for the first half term will still be set each Monday (this will be displayed on the Year 3 page on the school website under the heading ‘Homework- Summer term’) and will be due to be completed by the following Monday- activities each evening should take no more than 20 minutes. The homework will reinforce work done in class during the week and will include: spellings, reading, writing, English and Maths (using Education City and MyMaths) or be of a research nature. Homework will start next week on Monday 22nd April. After half term, children will be working on their own homework project- more details regarding this will follow later in the term!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns about your child, either via the office or by email which I do check each day ( Finally, please do keep checking the Year 3 page on the school website which I will update on a regular basis- you will find information about what is going on in class as well as lots of photographs of your little darlings!

Yours sincerely,

Sarah George