Main Street, St. Bees, Cumbria CA27 0AA

01946 822392

St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Please look at the page "Go wild in Windermere 2017" to see all the photos of what we got up to last year- the itinerary this year is exactly the same!


Year 3 Windermere Residential

Wednesday 9th May- Friday 11th May 2018

 Dear Parents,

With our residential to Windemere getting closer, I thought that I would send you more details about our trip. I know that for a lot of your children this will be the first time that they have been away without you- please do not panic! Speaking from many years of experience of taking children away on residential trips, I can tell you that they will be absolutely fine and once they’ve waved goodbye to you from the bus I’m afraid to tell you that they won’t miss you at all- they will be far too busy to feel homesick! Included in this letter is all the information that you will need for this trip. However, if you have any other queries that I haven’t answered then please email me at or call the office on 01946 822392.

The following members of school staff will be accompanying Year 3: Mrs George, Mrs Cruden and Ms Hamilton. We are all mums with lots of experience so rest assured that whilst in our care your child will be treated as one of our own- that includes making sure that they’ve showered and cleaned their teeth as well as plenty of hugs at bedtime!

Wednesday 9th May
• Depart school at 9.15am
• Lunch at Windermere (packed lunch brought from home)
• Bush crafts and team building at the youth hostel (instructor led)
• Tea- 6pm
• Free (supervised) play/team games in grounds of youth hostel
• Hot chocolate/showers/bedtime- 9-10pm(ish!)

 Thursday 10th May
• Breakfast- 8am
• Depart youth hostel to go to Brockhole- 9.30am
• Tree-top trek (instructor led)
• Lunch
• Adventure playground/exploring in the grounds of Brockhole
• Return to youth hostel at 5.30pm
• Tea- 6pm
• Free (supervised) play/team games in grounds of youth hostel
• Hot chocolate/showers/packing/bedtime- 9-10pm(ish!)
Friday 11th May
• Breakfast- 8am
• Pick up by coach from youth hostel- 9.30am
• Lake Cruise departing from Windermere- 10.30am
• Aquarium visit- 11.15am
• Lunch
• Depart from Aquarium- 1.30pm
• Arrive St Bees- 3.15pm
• 3.30pm- Children at home fast asleep in bed! Staff lying down in a darkened room with crisps, chocolate and something cold from the fridge and remaining there until Monday morning!

Medical/emergency contact form
Attached to this letter is a medical/emergency contact form for your child. It is crucial that this form is filled in and returned to school by Monday 19th March at the very latest. No child will be allowed to come on the trip without this form. All forms are strictly confidential and only accompanying staff will have access to the details contained on them.

Any medication required by your child should be handed to staff prior to departure, properly labelled with your child’s name and dosage. Teachers will take responsibility for administering these during this trip. This does not include inhalers or travel pills, which children should be capable of looking after themselves.

Kit list
Please do not pack a huge amount- we are only away for 2 nights! Please ensure that all items are labelled with your child’s name and let them pack their own bag so that they know where everything is (and what belongs to them!) The following is a list of the kit needed:

• 1 small rucksack
• 1 small suitcase/bag
• Teddy/cuddly toy- essential and most important!
• Nightwear
• Bath Towel
• Toiletries
• Underwear/socks
• Trousers/joggers
• T shirts
• Fleece/hoody
• Indoor footwear (slippers or similar)
• Trainers
• Walking shoes/wellies
• Waterproof coat (essential)
• Waterproof trousers (essential)
• Sunhat/sun cream (please note that staff are not permitted to apply sun cream to children but will supervise!)
• Water bottle for daily re-filling

The cost of the trip includes all food apart from lunch on the first day. Please send your child with a packed lunch and drink (no cans or glass bottles) for Wednesday 9th May. This should be carried in their rucksack.

Pocket money
There will be 2 occasions where your child may wish to buy an ice cream, some sweets or a souvenir; these will be at Brockhole and the Aquarium. Children may bring up to £10 with them which must be kept in a labelled purse/wallet/envelope. Children will be responsible for their own money and keep it safe in their rucksack. Staff will not be looking after money for any child.

This trip is strictly gadget-free! Children may bring books, comics, colouring books, pencils, cards etc but absolutely no electronic gadgets. Staff will be taking plenty of photographs during the stay which will be uploaded onto the Year 3 page on the school website on our return so there is no need for any child to bring a camera.

Children will be organised into bedrooms in groups of approximately 4-6; the rooms will all be located in the same area of the youth hostel (they will not know who they are sharing with until they get there.) Staff bedrooms will be located in the same area as the children’s rooms and every child will know which rooms we are in. Children will not be allowed to visit other bedrooms and will be given strict instructions about behaviour and safety whilst in their rooms.

Final payments
Please can any outstanding payments for this trip be sent to the office by Monday 19th March.

Finally, please relax and enjoy 3 days of peace knowing that your children will be having an amazing time being with their friends, having new experiences and learning a little bit of independence! Please rest assured that if there is any problem whatsoever we will contact you and remember the saying: “No news is good news!”

Yours sincerely

Sarah George

Go Wild in Windermere 2018!


 Year 3 Residential Trip to Windermere- 9th- 11th May 2018

Dear Parents,

I would like to give all Year 3 children an opportunity to participate in a three day residential trip to Windermere from Wednesday 9th- Friday 11th May 2018. The trip will include:

• Two nights at the Windermere Youth Hostel
• Two evening meals & full breakfast (the food is great!)
• Two packed lunches
• All transport
• Instructor led ‘bush crafts’ in the forest
• A day visit to Brockhole including a tree top trek!
• Two evenings of forest adventure
• A cruise on Windermere Lake
• A visit to the Aquarium of the Lakes

The cost of the trip this year was £130 per child and we will endeavour to keep next year’s costs to around the same amount (this is subject to change depending on numbers.)

If you would like your child to participate in this trip please sign the slip below and return to school with a £30 deposit by Friday 3rd November. The remaining cost may then be paid in instalments.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah George

Year 3 Residential to Windermere
Wednesday 9th- Friday 11th May 2018

I would like my child ____________________________to take part in the Year 3 residential trip to Windermere and enclose a deposit of £30.

Signed ____________________________________