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St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Elf fun!

Year 3 had a very exciting day on Friday with the arrival of Jingle and Glitterberry! Mrs George had written to Santa back in September to ask whether Year 3 could have Jingle and Glitterberry back because they had been such fun last year! When Mrs Cruden arrived in the classroom with a parcel from the North Pole we were bursting with excitement! When we eventually opened the parcel there was a letter from Santa as well. Scroll down to read the letter and see pictures of the parcel being opened! 

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Dear Year 3,

Mrs George wrote to me back in September to request an elf for her Year 3 class. Last year she had two of my very best elves- Jingle and Glitterberry. Although they can be very helpful, they can also be a bit naughty but Mrs George said that she would love to have them back because George was really missing them.

I have thought long and hard about whether I think you should get any elves. Mrs George tells me that you are all on the nice list at the moment although she’s not too sure about George and Mrs Cruden as she says that they can be a bit mischievous sometimes!

I know that you’ve all been wishing really hard for an elf so I have decided to send you Jingle and Glitterberry once again. Remember…no touching or they will disappear- you can all touch them today to say hello but then they have to be left alone. Who knows what they will get up to when you’re all out of the classroom!

Finally, please tell George and Mrs Cruden that at the moment they’re on the naughty list but all of you (and Mrs George of course) are all on the nice list! Look after my special elves, be good and make sure that you all stay on the nice list!

Love from Santa XXXX


Day 1- Elf arrival!

Day 2- Breakfast mischief!