Main Street, St. Bees, Cumbria CA27 0AA

01946 822392

St Bees Village Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs Emma Sharp

Year 3 Curriculum Spring Term 2018


  • Fiction texts- Power of reading texts with related activities
  • Non-fiction texts- Power of reading texts (including instructions and explanations, non-chronological reports, newspaper reports, letters)
  • Poetry- creating images
  • SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) weekly lesson
  • Handwriting- weekly lesson
  • Guided reading- daily activities
  • RWI group work

Maths (first half term)

  • Numbers to 10 000- counting, place value, comparing and ordering
  • Addition of numbers within 10 000
  • Subtraction of numbers within 10 000
  • Addition and subtraction word problems
  • Multiplying by 6,7,8 and 9
  • Division
  • Multiplication and division word problems
  • Mental calculations


  • Rocks and soils
  • Forces and magnets

History- Stone Age to Iron Age Britain

  • Developing archaeological skills and vocabulary
  • Creating Ice Age art, researching and making Stone Age homes.