Please use this page to see what we have been up to in school. 



In our English we started to describe a haunted setting using our senses; we listened to lots of scary sounds to help inspire us! We loved dressing up on Halloween, just look at how spooky we were! As a class we would like to say a big thank you to our school council and Mrs Sharp for organising the fantastic events in the hall, we had so much fun!

Wear it Pink!

On Friday 19th October we wore pink to raise money for breast cancer and listened to a very important assembly which explained why we were wearing pink. 


We were visited by an Antarctic scientist who told us all about her job in Antarctica and what she does to protect the wildlife. She even brought some penguins to our classroom!


In our maths we have been using the base 10 equipment to help us with our place value, addition and subtraction.

We also took part in an Active Maths lesson where we had to retrieve numbers from the correct hoop and work as a team to solve the pattern. Once we had done this we had to explain our method. 


During our R.E. day we carried out lots of different activities. In the morning we learnt about the story of Rama and Sita with Mrs Winn and then we did dance in the hall with Miss Robinson. In the afternoon we were back in our own class where we learnt about the Holi festival and made artwork using lots of colours.

Our focus during the first half term has been parables. We learnt about the parable of the Good Samaritan and acted out different scenes. We also used our maths skills to measure the roads to find out which would get the Good Samaritan to his destination the quickest.


We also read the parable of the Lost Sheep. In pairs we thought of questions that we would like to ask the shepherd to find out why the sheep was so important. Once we had thought of lots of questions the shepherd came to visit us and answered some of them (although we thought that the shepherd looked a lot like Miss Telford).


During our first half term we had the opportunity to take part in yoga sessions. We were taught how to relax and stay calm and we discussed what brings us inner peace.