To link in with our English topic Harry Potter and to mark the end of our hard work during SATs week, we went on a trip on The Hogwarts Express! (The Ratty!)  We dressed up as witches and wizards and when we arrived at 'Hogwarts' we had an award ceremony where the children were presented with OWL certificates and broomstick pencils! 

We had a visit from 'Zoolab' and were given facts about a variety of different animals and reptiles.  We found it very interesting as a lot of the creatures were from Africa, which we have been studying in Geography.  The children were far braver than Mrs Storey as they handled snakes, giant snails, millipedes, cockroaches and snakes!

 We went to Forest School to do some Science based activities looking for habitats and mini beasts.  We found lots of habitats such as under leaves, under logs, in trees and did some pond dipping!  It was lots of fun!

We enjoyed doing practical activities whilst learning about 3D shapes and how to describe them using mathematical language.  We made our own 3D shapes and then wrote labels to describe the features and then to finish off the week we played the 'Post It note game!!'  We wrote the name of a 3D shape on a post it note and stuck it to our partner's head.  They had to then ask questions about the properties of the shape to try and find out which shape it was!!

We have a drama lesson every week with Mr Kennedy, which the children love and we were lucky enough to have a drama workshop called 'The Loon on the Moon' where we developed our drama skills further and discovered that we have some budding actors!!

We all had a great time on our Lego Day.  We worked hard and collaborated together to make a fantastic Lego village complete with a Football Stadium and Athletics Arena!