Welcome back to the final term in Reception!!!!!!

This year is flying by and we are having so much fun we don't want it to end. We have lots of exciting things planned for our last half term together. 

            Work to be covered in Summer Term

Information for parents:

Work to be covered in Reception – Summer Term.


Problem solving, Reasoning and Numbers

Reinforce recognising and ordering numbers to 20 (and beyond).

Ordering given sets of numbers from 1-10/11-20 and beyond, sometimes with numbers missing.

Learning to count to 20 in 2’s.

Learning to count to 100 in 10’s.

Learning to make simple estimates.

Reinforce work on patterns and symmetry.

Further practical work on addition and subtraction.

Reinforce adding 2 sets together by counting on, when one set is hidden.

Reinforce doubles and learn some by heart.

Further activities to support recording addition and subtraction number stories.

Problem solving activities.

Learn number bonds to 10 and beyond by heart.

Practical work to reinforce weighing and measuring using the terms heavy, light, long, tall and short.

Naming and describing the properties of common 2-D and 3-D shapes e.g. faces, points etc.

Using positional language.


Communication, Language and Literacy

Continue with our very successful RWI

Continue with weekly focused guided writing sessions, writing both imaginative and factual pieces of writing.

Learn to write for a variety of different purposes e.g. letters, lists, invitations etc.

Develop use of imagination in story writing, through Talk for writing

Work at presentation of writing: trying to use a line, making writing smaller, distinguishing between tall letters and letters that hang below the line, making clear finger spaces between words, using capital letters and full stops.

Texts covered in whole class shared reading sessions will include poetry, fantasy stories, information texts and stories from a variety of cultures.

Continue to learn letter names and what the capital letter looks like.


Our topic this half term will be'. ‘At the seaside’  ‘Our village’ and Recycling



Science work will be related to materials and we will use our recycling theme to help us with this.  This work will include practical hands on activities and investigations encouraging the correct use of the related vocabulary.

Lots of exploratory science will also be carried out around our own environments.

Science work will consist of a variety of both indoor and outdoor activities and also link to Forest School  and Beach School activities.



Continue to develop mouse control and keyboard skills.

Continue to use paint programs to produce pictures.

Use programmable toys to move forwards, backwards and side to side.

Use a tape recorder independently to play, rewind and stop story tapes and to record sounds independently.

Use the digital camera independently.




Multi Skills

Partner work.

Creating simple sequences by linking 3 or 4 actions.

Develop ball skills – throwing and catching, rolling and stopping, bouncing and catching, aiming.

Develop skipping with a rope technique.

Travelling over, under, through and around large apparatus equipment.

Develop jumping and landing from a height technique.



Creative development

Colour mixing.

Clay sculptures.

Observational drawings.

Collage work.

Composing own imaginative music.

Exploring rhythm, pitch and tone when playing instruments.

Play instruments from a variety of cultures.

Continue with junk modelling activities.

Sewing activities.